July 28, 2016


  • Hello and welcome to my blog.

    I’m Genevieve, a twenty-something year old English blogger who lives in the county of Warwickshire, in the west midlands. I am a lover of red lipstick, walks in the countryside, cups of tea (and coffee!) and having brunch at quirky, little cafes. During the day I work for Lush, a British handmade cosmetics company and in my spare time I write for this blog.

    Genevieve’s Life Blog was launched in December 2013, during my time at university. Due to having a lot of negative experiences, I originally used blogging as a way to not feel lonely and to make friends through a really dark part of my life. However, I am so grateful that years later it has grown into a platform that I’d like to think is more than just a passion!

    I’d like to think this blog is a happy, chilled place to share my passions with others and to talk to other people who share the same interests as I do. I’d also like to think that the posts I produce can inspire others and to get them to think about different situations.
On here you’ll find a variety of travel, beauty, lifestyle, food and home, as well as personal posts such as life updates, opinion pieces or my experience of different things. You’ll also find plenty of flowers, tea, coffee, the pretty countryside and more. With this blog I am trying to create a happy, positive space where we can all come to chill and relax as well as to just have a chat about different topics, which is why I set up the #AskGen section of my page in the hope that we can all come together and be friends.

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy browsing, have a great day!

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