November 08, 2016

Goodbye October, Hello November

As I sit here with my thick jumper on, bed socks and cup of tea it's made me realise how bitterly cold it has got the last few weeks. Can you believe it's November already? to be honest, this time of year is always my favourite. I love the crisp cold air, warm fires, cups of hot chocolate and all the other cliche things that Autumn has to offer. I'm not a massive fan of really hot weather, so it's really lovely to enjoy some good, old British sunshine in temperatures of about eleven/twelve degrees, am I mad? probably.

I'm quite sad that this year is drawing to a close as I've had a lot of amazing experiences and opportunities. I'm excited to see what 2017 will bring, and of course what the last few months of 2016 has for me. I don't want to start using the 'Christmas' word too much yet (says the person who is already writing her Christmas shopping list..). As much as I love the festive season, it just doesn't feel right to talk about it or play cheesy Christmas songs until December 1st. Who agrees? Although, I will be spending this month buying gifts as I hopefully will be attending a few christmas fairs - it's never too early to be prepared!

Anyway I thought i'd talk about the month ahead. My goals, aspirations and what i'm up to. This month is fairly quiet and I haven't really got a lot going on..but i'm using this as a time to get myself ready for a busy December!

One: commit to uploading a blog post at least once a week

After finishing my degree, I took a few months off blogging. This was just to re-charge my batteries and to help find my love for writing again after producing a 8,000 word dissertation (never again..). Now I have some extra time on my hands, I want to be able to produce a blog post at least once a week and hopefully upload on the same day and time. Lets see if this happens.

Two: eating better and drinking more water

My eating habits have been a bit rubbish the last few weeks. I think I just got sucked back into a 'bad habit' routine. I'm not really that unhealthy when it comes to food as I still eat three meals a day and I don't snack that often, I think it is just a case of paying a bit more attention about what goes into my body. I do get a bit lazy sometimes and don't realise how many calories are actually in certain foods (oops!) Secondly, I need to drink more water which I've tried and failed so many times but I'm determined to get there! I've gone from fizzy drinks to sparkling water now which is a start but hopefully I can wean myself off that so I drink more still water. Fingers crossed.

Three: set myself a challenge 

When I say 'challenge' this could be learning something new or just generally getting better at anything. I guess trying to commit to one blog post a week is a challenge.. i'd like to say that blogging everyday during December could be a challenge but we will see. Maybe i'll up how many blog posts I write a week or something. I've also got my eye on quite a few 'blogging' books which I feel may give me some motivation or inspiration when it comes to running a blog that bit more seriously.

Four: turning my blog in a more 'lifestyle' direction 

As much as i'd still like to write about beauty and fashion, my primary aim is to concentrate on more lifestyle topics, just because I feel that path is maybe more suited to me. When i started this blog a few years ago, my interests were a lot different. Now i'm getting older, there is a lot more I want to say and feel comfortable talking about and i'd like that to eventually show on here.

What are you plans for November?


G x 

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