March 29, 2016

When I Didn't Wear Makeup For A Week

Some of you may or may not know but for the last year I’ve been visiting a dermatologist about my Acne. My Acne has actually gone now so I feel a lot more confident without wearing makeup (I even leave the house without it on sometimes!). I set myself the challenge to not wear it for a whole week, to see what it was like and to be honest it actually felt quite amazing. Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup actually inspired me to produce this blog post, so here we go. Grab a glass of something lovely or a cuppa tea it's going to be a list...

1) It takes me 5 minutes to get ready or 30 minutes to get ready (with a shower..) this was perfect when I accidentally pressed the snooze button one too many times - whoops!

2) My flannels weren't covered in lipstick/foundation/mascara - to take my make up off I normally use The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleaning Butter. I absolutely LOVE this stuff and I would gladly rave about it in another blog post. It gets my make up off so easily. Simply massage it on to your skin, grab a hot flannel and literally your makeup will just slide off and your skin will never feel so clean. YES. It's £13 but it's SO worth it. 

3) It was lovely just to let my skin breath - going out for some fresh air on a sunny day and not wearing any makeup just felt so good. (However, top tip - remember your SPF even if it isn't summer! you still need it.)

4) I did get told about a million times 'oh gosh you look pale, are you okay?' because other times I might go a bit crazy with the bronzer.. no shame. 

5) You'll learn to love the eau naturel you. It's amazing how much you appreciate and embrace your skin when not wearing any makeup and it even makes you feel more confident too!

6) If you start to fall asleep and you get to that annoying stage where you can't be bothered to take your make up off (don't do it...) you won't have to worry as there will be none on your face - YES.

7) You will get a massive confidence boost - if you have awesome people in your life, they'll actually tell you how good your skin looks and it'll feel bloomin' great. 

8) You get to just lie there for ages with a face-mask on and a towel round you after a bath/shower. I'm not just saying this because I work for them, but the Lush face-masks are great. My favourite one is Love Lettuce at the moment. Go try one if you can!

9) You don't get panda eyes when you get out the shower because you forgot you had loads of black eye makeup on. If you like wearing it, you'll understand this totally. 

10) When I have a drink, the glass won't have that obvious lip stick stain on it. WIN. What are your favourite lipsticks? I need some recommendations (However, I do own about thirty different ones...)

Surprisingly I didn't actually miss wearing make up that much and on days where I'm just going to work or university, I do wear less make up now and feel completely cool with it. 

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