March 17, 2016

What To Wear For Different Occasions

Hi - me again! This weeks post I thought I would do something a bit different. I actually started to write this blog post and completely forgot about it! (Typical!) But I thought I’d show you some of the outfits I’ve been wearing for different occasions to maybe give you a bit of 'outfit inspiration'. I've realised these outfits aren't exactly 'spring/summer' but I'm not one for following trends to be honest, I'd rather wear what I think looks good on me or what I enjoy wearing. Maybe I'll do a post on finding your personal style or how my style has changed. What do you think? 
Sunday smart/casual...
Jumper - COS
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Next

 Going to grab a coffee...
Coat - Zara
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - H&M

Casual date night...
Jacket - Warehouse
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - New Look
Handbag - H&M

Girls day out...
T-shirt - H&M
Skirt - given to me by my sister
Shoes - New Look

Cosy day in...
Jumper - H&M
Jeans - New Look
Boots - New Look

Spring day out…
T-shirt - H&M
Dungarees - Topshop
Shoes - Primark
Poppy - Ivy Heart

What are your favourite pieces to wear? Do you have a favourite outfit?

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