March 07, 2016

How To Be The Perfect Blogger

Unfortunately this is not a post about me listing a load of things that you will need to be the 'perfect' blogger but more of a discussion that they simply just don't exist. Being a blogger for two and half years has definitely allowed me to immerse myself in the blogging world and the community that comes with it. However, it has taught me that no one is a perfect blogger. We all have different styles, photography skills, blog design and social media skills that are shown through our personality, so each blog is different because of this. 

It's interesting that the blogging world has adapted a lot of 'trends' (I'm talking Avocado on toast, white bright photos, flat lays and latte art...) but this doesn't mean in order for us to be the 'perfect' blogger we have to do all these things - everyone chooses to what they want to show or to create and that's totally fine!

 With all of this comes the comparing yourself with other bloggers and I am guilty of this. I'll sit on Bloglovin' and think WHY IS MY BLOG NOT LIKE THEIRS :’( but in reality, they are probably thinking that about themselves. I'd say a 'perfect' blog is creating your own little space that shows your personality or what you want to create or enjoy creating. If you're doing what you want to do then that's what makes it perfect. Who cares what Bob, Harry and Jill are doing on their blogs, it's what you want to do. 

What do you think? 

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