February 26, 2016


We all have those little things that differentiate us from a massive crowd of people. It's these quirky parts of ourselves that make us who we are and we should love and appreciate them. Whether it's wearing a bow in your hair or a certain perfume, friends and family will always associate you with these things. Which, to be honest I think it pretty amazing.
Here are the things that make me who I am..
Wearing red lipstick
I always like to wear some colour on my lips, but especially red. I feel I can't go out the house without it on, it just feels really odd. But surprisingly a lot of people associate me with wearing it now and I get complimented on it now. It's just one of those things that make me feel myself on a daily basis and I love myself for it. My favourite red lipsticks are MAC Ruby Woo and BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet.
Listening to cheesy, old school tunes
If there is a #ThrowbackThursday playlist on, you'll guarantee I’ll be listening to it. That's what I go to school for by Busted or Reach by S Club 7, Yes I’ll will be dancing around or listening to them. No shame. TUNES. 

Drinking every possible type of Tea
My 'Tea' cupboard is beyond ridiculous, I might as well open my own cafe with the amount of Types of Tea I own. English Breakfast, Decaf, Peppermint, Berry, Camomile, you name it I’ve got it. If you want to see a blog post of me comparing different types of breakfast tea and rating them or something related I'm totally up for that? I also did this blog post... The Art Of A Cup Of Tea, could do a updated version.  
Purchasing far too many black clothes
Looking at my wardrobe recently, I seem to only own either black, white or grey clothes (but mostly black...) considering I used to wear LOADS of colour (and I mean loads, I looked like a rainbow) this is a drastic change, but you know styles change - anyone want a blog post of how my style has changed?
Owning more candles than a shop
For some reason I have acquired ALOT of candles. I don't regret this though, lighting them just makes a room feel so relaxing and inviting to me in. My favourite ones are WHITE COMPANY Wild Mint candle and Figgy Pudding St Ives Candle. What are your favourites?

 What makes you feel you?

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