January 28, 2016

8. Candle of the month: Figgy Pudding Scented Candle - St Eval Candle Company

I've never tried St Eval Candles before but was pleasantly surprised when I received the 'Figgy Pudding' one on Christmas Eve. This candle is sweet but also gives a fresh and warming smell to the room, it literally makes you think of all this Festive in a jar - you feel like you are giving yourself a massive Christmas cuddle.

It comes in a lovely sized tin which is decorated in a traditional wintery scene - two little children going through the snow on their sleigh on one side and on the other are the musical notes to 'Silent night'. This was perfect for this time of year, as it has really brought the true spirit of winter into my bedroom.

The candle is presented in contained and secure packaging which makes it really practical to use in any room at any time. When not burning, you can use it as an ornament or table decoration and with a tin lid, it can be be stored safely as well as preserving the gorgeous scent!

I'm so impressed with this candle. After burning it for many hours, the wax has lasted AGES and i'm only currently half way through the candle. Amazing. I would totally recommend this candle company to anyone - the quality of their candles is great and it burns nice and evenly through the jar. Even though this is a Christmas candle, I have been burning this through the whole of January and it just smells incredible - so excited to try some of their other ones!Burning time: 45 hours
St Eval Candle Company is based in Cornwall and are based on a traditional working farm.

 How they make their candles..

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*This post isn't sponsored - I haven't been paid to talk about them nor was I sent this candle. I received this as a Christmas present and I wanted to talk about it as I just really loved it. 

What's your favourite Candle? 

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