July 16, 2015

Best Advice My Life Has Given Me

A bit of a lifestyle post today - I thought I would share with you a list of 'advice' that my life has given me through the years. I'm now 21 years old and it's amazing how much i've learnt that last couple of years. I'm really enjoying my 20's, far more than my teenage years (ew hormones). I've thoroughly enjoyed experiencing new things, talking to new people and embracing new ways of thinking about situations all from what my life has taught me.

If you have a 'gut' feeling, you are probably right. 

I feel this one always seems to be right - a lot of people have said 'always go with a gut feeling' and to be honest, they are spot on. This has helped me get through a lot of difficult situations or things I couldn't make up my mind about. In a way, trust what your insides are telling you. 

Just because someone has made a decision does not mean they have made the right one.

My dad actually told me this piece of advice when I didn't get a job i really wanted at the time. The person that got the job actually ended up leaving shortly after anyway, so this piece of advice has definitely stuck with me. It also means that there is something better waiting for you. Think of that!

If you think positive, positive things will happen.

Some people might not believe what goes around, comes around. KARMA. But I do firmly believe it does. If you show positive vibes to any situation, I guarantee they will come flying back to you. Try it?

If you don't ask, you don't get.

I got told this from my boyfriend funnily enough, but he does have a point. How many times have I not asked for something and then sulked when it didn't happen? probably too many to count on my hands.. 

To want something, you have to fight for it.

You don't get given things on a plate, unless you are extremely lucky or you are born into a famous family. I've learnt that if you want something so much, you'll do anything to get it. It's worked out for me so far. 

You won't get anywhere by being lazy. Work hard.

This speaks for itself. Don't be lazy, it won't get you anywhere. 

Everything happens for a reason.

My favourite advice, I strongly believe in this one. Whatever is happening in your life and you're thinking 'why is this happening to me?' - don't worry, there is a reason that has happened and something better will come along, I promise. 

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