June 20, 2015

Beauty Update: All About The SPF, My New Favourite Scent and A Pop Of Red

Here is a 'fortnightly' update to show you the beauty bits I have either discovered, tried, tested or just completely forgotten about condensed into my top seven choices. 

Lady in Red... i recently came across the OPI Nail Lacquer in the colour 'Red lights ahead...where?' - In my beauty routine, nail varnish never seems to make the cut which has been going through endless months of nothing on my nails. Now it is summer, my love for all things colourful has returned once again. This is the perfect shade to the point I can't stop looking at how pretty the colour is. This pop of red is more of an orangey toned one, which makes it one my top list this time. It is so easy to apply and you only have to use one coat, thank goodness.

5 years of Topshop Beauty... Probably so late to the table with this one. As some of you may or may not know, Topshop have brought out a exclusive collection of their best selling products and shades to celebrate their 5th birthday of their make up range. I have decided to do my own beauty edit of this collection, so watch out for a blog post soon! My picks consist of Boy Next Door nail Varnish, Cream Blush in Head over Heels and Magic Liner in Engraved.

Glad Hair Day makes a Good Hair day.... After re-purchasing their Solar Bronzing Powder (which by the way is all kinds of awesome), I decided to purchase some of their Glad Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner - my hair is a bit funny when it comes to which ones I use so I got their travel sized tubes. This comes in very handy with a bit of travelling i'm going to be doing in the next week...eeek.

My New Favourite Scent...which was an absolute bargin. This White Eau De Toilette 30ml from Zara is such a refreshing, light, sweet, floral scent that is the perfect handbag size. With one spray it bursts with fragrance. I'll be doing a full review of this on the blog soon as it's so lovely. I bought it for £5.99 but it's gone down to £3.99! For the price, I wish I had really stocked up on this one!

Under the Sea... As some of you may know, I work for LUSH so i do surround myself with the lovely products on a weekly, almost daily basis. I am really into anything sea related when it comes to summer so I really love the Sea Spray, BB Seaweed Face Mask and Seanik Shampoo Bar.. They are so worth giving a go when you're next in a Lush store! I'll be doing a review of all these products on a different post so do not fear.

Don't forget your SPF... over the years i've been a bit lazy when it comes to Suncare. The minute I see the sun, I just wack on the first thing I see with the words SPF on the bottle. Now i'm in my 20's I want to start early with taking real care of my skin, so I decided to invest in a decent SPF moisturiser. Lush's Million Dollar Moisturiser is not one for being the cheapest at the retail price of £32.50, but it smells absolutely delicious and makes my skin feel so soft and luxurious. A full review will be done!

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