May 06, 2015


If you read and follow my blog or social media, you will know that I have loved LUSH for absolute years and has become of my favourite beauty brands. LUSH are known for making and producing handmade cosmetics using natural ingredients and safe synthetics which are not tested on animals. Recently, I have just been offered a job there! (Yay!) which has made me even more excited to start blogging about all the lovely products again. 

Skincare is very important to me as I love to look after my skin and it's only just the last year or so that I have actually stuck to a 'skincare regime'. My skin is a bit of everything - oily, dehydrated, normal so yeah my skin is combination. Whatever products work for me, might not work for you so try to find the best products for you - I just thought I should let you know mine.

'Ultrabland' Cleanser

An really effective and ultra gentle facial cleanser, it contains Beeswax which is one of the gentlest ingredient to take it off and Rose water which is good for balancing off the skin and for reducing redness. It has a rich, soft and oily cleansing consistency which is good for all skin types, Ultrabland is great for removing impurities from your skin without taking away the natural oils which the body produces. The best way to use this is to apply a decent amount all over your face then remove using a warm, damp flannel, cotton wool pad or a muslin cloth. For those who feel they have really problematic skin, use nothing but Ultrabland for one month, to bring skin back to balance. 

'Breath of Fresh Air' Toner 

If you like the beach or being near the sea then you will like this one. This is a refreshing spray which can be using at any time of the day as a 'pick-me-up' for skin and mind. This toner contains fresh sea water, Aloe Vera which is good for soothing and softening the skin, Rose water to help reduce redness and calms the skin and seaweed which nourishes and protects the skin. It also contains patchouli oil which is cooling and works as a good astringent to the skin. To use close your eyes and spritz directly on to your face or on to a cotton wool pad to remove away any impurities. It doesn't have to be used as a toner, it is a great aromatherapy dilution which you can use whenever you'd like. 

'Imperialis' Moisturiser 

This moisturiser contains Cocoa butter, tiger lily, and orange flower. It's a great cream for all skin types and can be used both day and night. It's especially good if you are not sure what your skin needs and can't make up it's mind. It also contains Lavender flower infusions which help to balance and calm the skin and Cocoa butter is great for moisturising. It is a light, balancing cream with herbal goodness to restore your skin.

'BB Seaweed'Face Mask

A fresh face mask which is great for relaxing and reviving the skin. It is a mineral-rich mask, great for cleansing, softening and beautifying the skin. It contains fresh seaweed, ground almonds, rose absolute and aloe vera to soften the skin. It also contains rosemary oil for regenerative qualities, kaolin to remove any excess dirt and oil and millet flakes 

Hope that has given you the low down on all the skincare products I use from LUSH.

If you do have any Lush questions, feel free to ask them! & I'll try and help :)




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