April 06, 2015

Happiness Diaries #1

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Whilst I sit outside in my garden on this lovely sunny Monday, I thought I would start a little project on my blog which I have really thought about doing. I'm never that good with controlling the way I feel and my moods and a lot of the time I tend to lead myself into thinking the worse in every situation, just because i've got my negative brain on. I've always been brought up with 'if you think negatively, than negative things with happen to you' and by getting older, I do agree with that. Once I think one thing is terrible, I'll have a bad day completely or I will think everything is terrible and nothing is going right for me.

By taking care of my happiness levels, I know that I will start to feel better about things, but life just gets in the way all the time or I am surround by toxic people that will constantly find the negative in absolutely everything (you know them..) and it's like i'm getting sucked in to the vacuum of all the horrible stuffs that no one wants in there life.

By doing the Happiness Diaries, I hope to write down all the things that I have loved and appreciated. I plan to do this every day, with 1 or 2 other blog posts every week (related to something else) I have quite a few posts lined up that I wish to share with you all as well. I think writing down what has made me happy during that day will put me in a better mood, appreciate my life and bit more and think 'yeah, everything is okay, it's not that bad and something good has happened today'. This will make me feel better about myself and hopefully will improve my moods.

Things I am happy for from yesterday/today: 

Lots of yummy treats this weekend
Seeing my family 
The sunshine today ( we don't much in the UK)
The birds singing,
Sitting out in my garden and not feeling cold.
The smell of fresh grass and flowers
How chilled and relaxed I feel today, it's a nice feeling.
Find make up and other beauty things you forgot you had.
Spring cleaning.
Taking lovely hot baths with spring smelling candles and Lush bath bombs.
Ice cold lemonade. Yummy.
Clear blue skies.
Bunting. It looks so lovely everywhere, especially hanging from the trees.

Hope you are all having lovely Mondays, (I know it's probably the worst day of the week) but If you think about all the good things, it will give you that lift and jump to get you through the day!




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