January 27, 2015

My Thoughts On Blogging Recently...

In the last few weeks, I have been enlightened into a different side of the blogasphere. The way I perceive it to be is completely different to other people who are also bloggers, this is both fascinating and an eye opener at the same time... 

While I sit in with my room full of candles, filling up the room with lovely scents, i'm going to just sit and talk to you about my thoughts on blogging recently and why all of sudden they've changed and talk about surprising discoveries.

As my blog has progressed and grew over days, weeks, a year. I have meet, not loads, but a few other bloggers. It's so nice to think that it is such a lovely community and everyone who comments and supports my blog, I am SO incredibly grateful for that. But on the other hand, there are people out there that are just not involved with blogging in the way I thought everyone was.

It is so surprising that i have interacted with people who do this just for the sake of receiving free stuff. Obviously getting free things is a absolute bonus when you are writing a blog, but it should be just that, a bonus, not the reason you are doing it and it just shocks me that some bloggers actually do admit they do it just so they get sent things. I didn't even know it was just a big deal, I absolutely love to produce posts every week on here, even if I wasn't sent a single item. I want to do this blog for me and for my readers, not for trying to find the next free thing I can get my hands on. I would happily carry on with blogging for as long as I can without receiving a single thing. 

Getting paid to writing about a product is slightly different, i understand that people have to pay their bills, so being offered money for writing about something which was sent to you or getting sponsored for a post is okay. However, it is the whole debate of are their thoughts and opinions genuine or are they saying those things because the post is affiliated? Of course if you are going to get paid for something, that chances are you won't say no, but honesty it also another key element which creates trust between you and your reader. 

I know a lot of people have jobs which they might not even like, just to pay bills and so they can put food on the table, but I don't think it's okay for that person to work and create dishonesty. When you have a blog, your reputation is what proceeds you and I think that is more important than earning money dishonestly. 

I wouldn't care less if I wasn't paid to write about an item or no one sponsored me for anything on this. I love this blog too much to ever think about 'how can I get loads of money out of this?'. When i first started this, my intention was not to earn money from this and it still isn't. This is my hobby, and it always will be. If I was ever lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work with a company, I would have to absolutely 100% love and trust them, and then of course I would think about it, but i'll never just work with anyone just for earning a few extra £. 

If you are sent items or your post is sponsored, I do think it is important to be honest and sometimes blunt with people with what you are doing, i understand that companies have their own rules and regulations with things like this but it's still important to tell your readers that is exactly what you are doing. 

I just think I needed to put it out there that

- I would never work with someone I didn't love or 100% trusted
- If I got sent something to write about that my opinions are going to be 100% true and honest 
- I would always state if something was gifted or sponsored, not because I need to earn money, because I genuinely love them and I am excited to work with them. 

Getting gifts and sponsors are a bonus to this hobby of mine, not the reason I am doing it and It just shocks me that people do this for that sole purpose... to receive free items. 



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