January 05, 2015

#MotivationalMonday: Focus On The Good

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It's a new year and I am back again with 'Motivational Monday' posts. I decided not to do that many over Christmas as I was concentrating on blogmas, but I am back now with these posts! 

There was a lot of rubbishy life things that happened in 2014 which has made me thankful for last year to be over. I know it is cliche, when it is a new year, you make a list of considerably changes and you always promise yourself you will stick to them..(I never do!), but this year I have promised myself that this year will be better and I am going to focus on the good in my life. Sometimes I get so wrapped up about all the stress and things not going right, that I forget the good things that are happening around me, with the things I should be appreciating so much more than dwelling on all the bad things. 

A lesson for you: focus on the good, because you never know what you might discover along the way.

Happy Monday!

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