December 09, 2014


On Sunday Night (7th December 2014), I was kindly invited to a Bloggers event at Lush in Oxford. 
This was so exciting for me, as it was my first ever event, it was so nice to meet some other girls that blog too and to have a really fun evening exploring all the products that Lush Sell, especially their Christmas range. I have loved Lush for years, so it was just so exciting to be able to go. 

First of all we were introduced to the staff at the Oxford branch, who were absolutely lovely, as well as getting to know all the bloggers that attended. To start of the evening, we got to make our own bath bomb! (Dream come true!) I have loved Lush for absolute years, and to make my own was just one of the best thing I've ever done. The bath bomb I got to make was the 'Big Blue' bath bomb. This bath bomb includes Arame Seaweed, Sea salt, Lavender Oil and Lemon Oil. Lush says that Arame is rich in vitamins and minerals including Iodine, which help regulate your metabolism. Sea Salt softens the skin which helps to remove dead skin cells, while Lemon oil clears the mind. Lavender Oil is an antiseptic and is good for cleansing. 

After that, we had a look around the shop at all of the gifts, they are all so lovely, I wanted to buy them all! The packaging is all so individual and the colours are just amazing. We were all given a detailed introduction to quite a lot of the Christmas range, showing us all the bath bombs, shower gels, lip scrubs, skincare, perfume. It was lovely, they even showed us what the bath bombs were like when put in water. 

We then got to try the 'Fun' Snowman Kit, in which you can build your own Snowman to then use in the bath. It has Buchu, Bergamot and Sicilian Lemon essential oils in, which give it that citrusy, refreshing and sweet smell. By moulding these three pieces together, you create a Snowman bubble bar, soap or shampoo. This product is perfect if you have young children and you want to make bath time a fun experience for them, I think it is a really nice stocking filler too.  I made the body for this snowman, with a few other girls adding the finishing touches to him. It was so much 'Fun' to make!

While I was there, I also got to have my own Winter skincare consultation, in which I explained what my skin is like at the moment with them recommending me some of their products for my skin, by which they gave me some samples of! I had the best evening, it was my first ever blogger event and I really hope I get invited to more. Everything smelt so good, the shop was decorated so lovely and people that were there were so nice. They even gave me a goody bag at the end, I am so excited to try all the products they gave me, thank you so much Lush Oxford and thank you for having me!

Have you been to blogger event?
What was it like?
Have you bought or tried anything from the #LushChristmas range yet?

*This blog post was not sponsored, however this event was for bloggers only. Being invited to this event does not hinder my opinion in any way, especially for the gift bag. I would of attended anyway regardless of that, I have loved Lush for absolute years and these are my honest opinions. 

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