December 07, 2014


I've been a bit bad with this whole 'Blogmas' thing, but I am going to try and attempt to do as many 'Christmas' related posts as possible this month. The last few days have been a bit busy as I have been moving back home from University for the Christmas holidays. It's so lovely to be home again, I really do miss home when I am not there. It's just the best to be able to have food cooked for you, sleep in your own bed, being able to have long, hot baths and have wifi that actually does work!

Here is a few pictures I look yesterday, the first picture was a White Hot Chocolate I had from Costa, I had to take a picture of it as it came in such a cute Snowman paper cup! and the other 3 images are Christmas decorations that are up in the house, we are going to be putting the Christmas trees and all the other decorations up in the next couple of days, so look out for pictures.


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