December 01, 2014


I'm doing BLOGMAS! (well at least attempting it anyway!) This December will be my 'One year' anniversary of being a blogger, so I thought I might celebrate by completely Blogmas. It will also be a HUGE sense of a achievement too! I found the Blogmas schedule that 'Diary of a Stay at Home Mum' put together and thought I would try that one. I don't think I'll completely follow it, but more like use it as a guide! 

So the first post of the month is MY FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS TRADITION. 

As a family, we always try and put the Christmas decorations up together and decorate the trees. We always have two Christmas trees, with each one having their own colour theme Usually one being red and gold with the other being silver, one always going in the living room and the other in the dining room. In the past, my dad will always go up to the attic and get all the boxes, now we keep them all in the garage. Whilst we are decorating the house we will always play Christmas songs, I don't really know how it became a tradition to be honest. 

Another Christmas tradition is that we always go out on Christmas Eve. We all go to our family friends house down our road and have drinks and a get together, now my sister and I are a bit older we tend to either go out with work friends or just friends where we live, it's such a great atmosphere and everyone is in a really lovely and festive mood! 

What are your Christmas traditions? are you doing Blogmas?


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