October 19, 2014

Your Skin Doesn't Define You

Blogger and Youtuber 'Zoella' touched up on a subject a few weeks ago, producing a video called 'Your skin doesn't define you'. This got me thinking about my own skin problems. Ever since I was 17, I have always suffered with Acne and I still suffer from it today, just not on such a larger scale. I am always the type of person who never walks out the door without a full face of make up on, just because I am still not completely happy with the way my skin looks, and somehow I feel I am not myself without covering all of what is on my face up. 

Watching this video has made me think differently, why should I care what people think if I walk out the house without make up and show my true self? But the thing is, we all do care. Social media has given us the perception that everyone online is a 'perfect' person, and we sometimes forget that they only show people what we want to show them. 

My goal now is to be able to go around in public with wearing minimal make up on and feeling confident about it. It's a work in progress but hopefully *fingers crossed* I will be able to do this. 

What do you think about this? 

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