October 01, 2014

So I Haven't Been Blogging For a While....


Just a little quick message on why I haven't really been blogging. Whilst I am back at university and it has been incredibly busy since day one, I have also had to deal with getting my heart broken. Obviously this is a personal topic which I don't want to go to much into and whether or not we get back together, I just don't know. We've had a really good relationship but sometimes distance is very hard as some of you know. 

I am still really struggling and trying to deal with it as it is very hard. It is always so difficult to live your every day life knowing that you might have just lost the right person for you and pretending like you are okay even when you are not is even harder. 

So please bare with me, I do have a blog post that I have been meaning to do, but every time I want to do it I just don't feel in the mood. I am sorry. 

Thank you for understanding.

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