September 24, 2014

What's In My Bag? // Student Edition


Today I thought I would share with you a 'What's In My Bag?' blog post but with a slight twist to it and make it into a student edition! A lot of you, including myself, would of gone back to education this September. Whether you are in School, 6th form, College or University, I thought I would give you an idea on the things I like to take in my bag on a day to day basis as a student. Items that I carry slightly differ but these are the ones I tend to carry around with me on a typical Student day. 

First of all, the bag which I am currently using is this 'Lipsy Quilted Biker Backpack' It's very ideal to take with you, as it's black so it's not too garish, sturdy and has lots of different compartments in with quite a bit of space. I really like backpacks as I think they are so easy to carry around as you can put them on both shoulders. 

Here is what I take in my bag....

 The items which I take are: 
Notebooks (TK Maxx & WH Smiths)
Pens (Asda)
Umbrella (Primark)
Local Travel Guide
Body Spray (Impulse)
Hand Cream (Soap and Glory)
Make up (Mini Clinque Mascara, Lasting Perfection Concealer, Maybelline Lipstick and Burt's Bees Lipbalm)
Perfume (not too overpowering) Body Shop
Purse (Asos)
Tesco Shopping Bag
Glasses (Boots Opticians)
Sunglasses (Bourjois)
Ipod (Apple)
Headphone Splitter (Amazon)
Headphones (Apple)
Mirror (Cath Kidston)

Also, obviously if you have a phone, don't forget that! and your charger! I was actually charging mine at the time so I couldn't add it on the images. 

What are your must haves in your bag? I would love to know even if you are not a student!!

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