September 02, 2014

Remember When You Made Those New Year Resolutions?


Today, I thought I would look back on the New Year's resolutions I made for 2014 and as it is getting into September, I thought I would reflect on them and see if I had achieved any of them or they need to be worked on for next year. It is amazing how much you forget about what you decided to write on 1st January of every year and you look back a few months later and think 'what have I actually done on that list?'

What I have achieved on my list
To blog more often 
To carry on working hard on my university course 
To get into my second year at university 
Take more photographs 
Stop bothering with people that are not bothered about me 
Make a lovely group of friends at University 
Raised money for charity 

what I need to work on....
Passing my driving test 
Do more exercise 
Read more books 
Learn a new skill

I think passing my driving test and doing more exercise has been on my NY resolution list for about 3 years now ahahaha! 

What have you achieved on your New Year resolution list for 2014? what do you still need to work on? 

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