September 05, 2014

A Little Life Update // Studio Flat & 600 Blog Followers

Hello everyone!

Just thought I should give you a little life update. I have been very busy the last couple of days as I have done something very exciting and moved into my own little studio flat for my second year of University. I moved in this week, but I am at home again to spend some quality time with everyone before I go back for my second year. It is so lovely, I've got my own little room which overlooks the docks. It's definitely a home away from home :)

Secondly, I can't get over the amount of support I've had with my blog the last couple of weeks. I've now reached over 600 followers, I can not even believe that over 600 of you want to follow my blog !! It's lovely to know that I write what I love and you love it too, so THANK YOU from the bottom of  my heart. 

What have you all been up to recently? anything exciting? 

Happy September!

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