August 14, 2014

ONCE A FRESHER TO A FRESHER: Things I wish I had known before I went to university


As I've already completed my first year of University, I thought I should write some posts to maybe help some people or just read them for your entertainment.

This first post is 'Things I wish I had known Before I Went To University' - I am not going to lie, there was a lot of things!

*This is NO way trying to put you off, I am merely writing this for a bit of fun. Every persons university experience is different. It is who you are and what you want to get out of it that will make you decide what you want to do with it.

1) You will meet loads of weird and wonderful people 

I am going to be honest, their are some crazy loonies that go to university and you will think 'these type of people actually exist?!'. You'll also get the ones that spend their whole time telling people how drunk they got last night or how high they got last night, Ignore them. If you don't want to be associated with those kind of people. DON'T BE. It's okay to not want to drink a lot or to not drink AT ALL. However, when you do find the right people to suit you, they are most wonderful people who will EVER meet and you will have such a great time. You will not necessarily meet these people in your first week/term/semester. So don't worry! I didn't really get close to my friends till the second semester which was after Christmas.

2) Some people have too much money whilst others do not. 

If someone has the time to brag about them going on a massive shopping spree and having a massive meal out, whilst they are a student, ignore them. Their money is clearly NOT theirs. Some people are just too rich for their own good. However, if you do have financial problems, there are plenty of people you can speak to at your University who can help. So don't get too worried about it. Work to a budget that suits you, and if some students don't have a budget, well that's their issue and they obviously won't know how to deal with money if it is given to them on a plate.

3) You will appreciate the tiniest things when you are at Uni

When you are at University, having a fridge full of food, wireless internet, a comfy bed, a bath (the list could go on...) will be the things you miss. So do appreciate them when you are at home. A lot of places do have wireless internet, but in my first year at halls I had plug-in internet, which meant you had to use a cable. Lucky, I managed to get a wireless router, so have a look into this before you go in case your situation is exactly the same.

4) Lectures will have their favourite students, even if they say they don't. They do. 

Talk about 'Teachers pets', well at University, you will have the same thing but with lecturers. A few months into uni and it will be absolutely obvious that lecturers favour certain students. If you are not one of them, don't be disheartened, it happens to the best of us.

5) Work hard in first year, DON'T DOSS. 

If you use the whole 'oh I only need 40% to pass my first year so I won't really work' why did you even apply to uni? If you go by this then you will get a massive shock if you even manage to get into 2nd/3rd year with this attitude. Don't be lazy, if you want to waste 9000 a year being lazy than go ahead but It won't get you anywhere. Also, showing the right attitude towards your lecturers with help, if you do end up having the same ones in second or even third year. Don't leave  deadlines a night before they are due in, you won't show your best work and you are only kidding yourself.

6) You are never told about extra costs outside of your £9000 a year. BEWARE.
Extra costs like books and travel are things they don't tell you about so if you think you are paying £9000 and that is it, think again. Unless you get your books 2nd hand or from the library, then books will cost you a fortune to get and half the time the books don't even get used! Also, if you don't live walking distance from the uni, you might have to get the bus/train. Find out how much it will cost you before hand!

7) It is nothing like they show on TV, don't be fooled. 

Unless you've seen the programme 'The Secret Life of Students' which will give you a clear indication of what it will be like, with the problems students are faced with, than you won't know what it's like. All the other programmes about university are over exaggerated and done for entertainment purposes.

8) Doing the laundry will swallow your money 

In first year, I found doing the laundry expensive, so try and do bulk washes. (Something I never did) and try and dry your clothes naturally, then you won't have to pay for the dryer. (Also something I didn't do). Purchase a drying rack. It'll save money.

9) Be careful with your stuff 

If you leave your kitchen utensils out, you are practically saying they are free to use by anyone in your flat. If you don't want people to touch your stuff but finding them ending up in someone's draw for the rest of term, just leave them in your bedroom or get a cupboard lock.

10) Enjoy it while you can, it goes SO FAST

Enjoy it while you can, your first year will be over before you know it. Then you'll realise that you are graduating and have to start living in the real world.

What did you wish you had known before you went to University? did you decide not to go? if so, how come? :) I love reading your comments so comment below or tweet me at @genevieve_tyler

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