August 04, 2014

Monday Motivation #5 Perfect Is Boring

When I was a school, I wasn't the perfect child and I wanted to live my life they way I wanted to live it at that particular age, and for that, I was bullied at school. It was a horrible time in my life and I don't look back on my young teenage years with fond memories, because well most of them weren't. But I don't look back and think 'I was bullied because I wasn't perfect'. I look back and think 'I was trying to be myself and for some reason people didn't like that.'

There are loads of people in the world, walking around and you think 'why can't I be more like them?'. You might think someone looks perfect to you. but everyone has their own issues and I promise you they would of made mistakes, just like you did. 

It's the same with idolising celebrities. You only end up seeing what you see of them through the TV, internet or social media. Their life might look perfect to you, but I promise you it isn't. There are perks and great things that happen when you are a 'celebrity' but with the good comes the bad too.

You Tubers upload 10-20 minute videos for you, especially their Vlogs. They are only going to show you what they want to show you. If they have an argument with someone or something doesn't go their way. They won't always show you. It seems like their life is perfect 24/7 just from what you see on a screen, but no one is perfect and I doubt everything they do is perfect. 

Everyone has their ups and downs in life but it is how you deal with a situation that makes you a stronger person. 

If everyone was 'perfect' the world would be a boring place. There would not be any wrong. But you can't appreciate the good things in life if there isn't the bad too. 

So, just remember If you think someone or something is perfect, they are only showing you the 'perfect' side of them or the perfect side of a situation. If a person is famous or well known, they are just as ordinary as you are. A lot of people just happen to know them. 

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