August 27, 2014

LUSH GOODIES // What I Got For My Birthday

One of the presents I got bought for my birthday was this lovely bag of Lush goodies. I love to be able to just unwind at night, relax in a nice, hot bath and pop in a bath bomb or bath melt. It is just such a relaxing thing to do. I thought I would show you which ones were given to me, in case you wanted to go shopping, have never been there and wanted to try it or are just interested in what I got. These 5 are new to me, so It was exciting to get bought completely different ones to try. 

The ones I got were:

Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
Big Blue Bath Bomb
Karma Bubble Bar 
The Comforter Bubble Bar  
Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar 

I haven't actually got to try them yet! so it would be interesting if you could please let me know what you thought of these if you have tried them. 

Have you tried any of these? what did you think of them? 

I will be doing a review of these eventually, but I wanted to do an accurate review of my own personal opinion, so I will get to it once I have tried them all! 


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