August 01, 2014

FOOD: Tuna Mayonnaise Pasta

I'm a bit rubbish when it comes to cooking but I thought I would share with you just a simple, easy dish that I like to make. QUITE ALOT. ahaha. It's so easy to make but so tasty at the same time!


Obviously I do realise this isn't everyone's cup of tea but if you are interested this post is for you!
Pasta (this can be any type, but I am using Penne Pasta) I would say about 250-300g for 4 people but obviously it depends how hungry you are or how many people you are feeding!
Tuna Chunks
Salt and Pepper
White Wine - you don't need to add White Wine in it. I just think White Wine goes nicely with this dish. ahaha!

Place Pasta in your pan

Boil the Pasta for about 15-20 minutes. Entirely up to you on timing though - depends how you like your pasta.

Open a can of Tuna

After Pasta is cooked, drain and leave for about 5 minutes

Place Tuna is a bowl and mix with 2 spoonfuls of Mayonnaise. Mix thoroughly. 

Place Pasta back in the pan and add the Tuna Mayo sauce. I like to add Salt and Pepper to give it a bit of extra flavour.

Don't forget the washing up!

THE END. Sorry this picture doesn't look appetizing but I promise you it tastes better than it looks!

What do you like to cook that's quick and easy?

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