August 30, 2014

Comparing Yourself To Others // Tips on How to Overcome This

Throughout your life, at every possible moment, you are always constantly comparing what you have or what you don't have, what you look like and what you don't look like to other people. I thought I would write this post as I am definitely one for doing this. I am pretty sure a lot of people across the world do this nearly every single day and don't admit it. But I believe that when you are doing something, a million other people are doing the same thing, this being one of them. 

To overcome this, I have been doing a lot of different things which have made feel better about myself, gave me more confidence and have generally put me in a better mood instead of worrying about 'Oh, why am I not doing that?' or 'Oh, why haven't I got that?'. 

1) Appreciate what you have, rather than what you don't.

A lot of people including myself sometimes take for granted about the things they already have. Waking up and feeling good about things that are in your life is so much better than dwelling on the things that are not. This will put you in a better mood and help you start every day with a good attitude. 

2) People only want you to see and hear what they want you to see and hear. 

Social media is a prime example on why this is true and yes, yes I am guilty for it. I only put things on my social media which I think are worth reading about or pictures on Instagram which I think are interesting. I promise you though, just from what you see on a Facebook page or Instagram page does not sum up someone's life. They are only showing you tiny snippets of it and does not show you the whole picture. 

3) You are you and only YOU. Cherish that and don't try and be like someone else. 

Chances are the person you are trying to be like, probably wants to be like someone else too. But don't be one of those people, you are only you and there is no other version of you. Even identical twins are there own person regardless of the fact they look the same. 

4) 100 Happy Days Foundation 

The 100 Happy Days Foundation have set up the 100 happy days challenge where you have to upload a picture for 100 days in a row about what made you happy. I think this is a great idea as you get to appreciate what made you in a great mood every day for 100 days, with reminding you how special and amazing your life is. 

*I have no way been sponsored to write about them, I have decided to just take part in this challenge as I think It will be good for me and perhaps some of you guys to try it! 

Are you guilty of comparing yourself to others?
What do you do to overcome this?
What do you do to put  you in a better mood?
Have you tried the 100 happy days challenge?

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