August 28, 2014

Company Magazine to go Digital - The Future of Journalism?

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Doing a Journalism degree, I have always been fascinated by how the never ending change of technology can impact on a career. Company Magazine, a magazine aimed at females aged 16-24, have decided to stop print publication and become digital. They announced that the October 2014 issue will be the last print issue which will be released on September 5th.

This shows a prime example of how the expansion and development of technology is changing the lifestyle of the way we receive and process information, but also how lifestyle has changed. This has made a fall in sales for the magazine compared to last year, leading it to be an 'online only'  brand.

Through having a love for this magazine and becoming a continuous reader, I am sad to see the print version go. There is nothing like seeing a brand new, shiny, colourful and vibrant magazine on the shelves every month and being so excited to see the latest fashion and beauty trends, through the pages right in front of you. There is something about picking up a magazine and reading it, you feel more engaged and it's right there in front of you, whenever you wish to put it down and pick it up again.

I am not saying this 'online only' decision is a bad thing, because it isn't, it's a decision which they have decided to make through the change of how people are deciding to view their news, trends, stories, etc. In this day and age, it is the younger audience who are seeing this dramatic change in the limelight, a lot of nearly pretty much everyone owns some sort of technology, whether it be a phone, ipad or laptop by which we can view anything that is in print, online also. This isn't just with magazines but with books and newspapers too, you can buy books on 'ibooks' from Apple or download versions of a book to put on to your Kindle. Nearly every newspaper has a 'Subscribe' option or has the option to download their app so you can buy that newspapers digital version.

I feel like I am just rambling on, but what do you think? do you prefer print or digital copies? are you sad to see Company Magazine become an online only brand? 

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