August 24, 2014


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Okay okay, don't worry, I am NOT going to stop blogging! I just wanted to let you know things that are going on. Basically, for my birthday I am getting a new camera which should be arriving on Tuesday. As I have been getting so into blogging, I thought it was time I upped my game and got myself a better camera, not because I wanted to take better quality photos, but because I wanted YOU, MY READERS to see better quality photos. 

So, I will start to upload blog posts again just give me a bit of time to re adjust to new equipment! 

Secondly, Would you still like me to do a 'Monday Motivation' post for tomorrow? I will still do one as that is mainly writing and I don't need a camera to really do that one. 

In the mean time, please check out my blog posts from this week!

Thank you very much for being patient!


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