August 31, 2014

Blogging Feedback // What would you like to see more of on 'Genevieve's Life Blog'?


It's always nice to take some time to think, re-evaluate, change and get some new ideas. As my blog has started to progress, it is always nice to know from you, my readers, what you think of my blog.
If possible I would like to hear some feedback from you, as I am wanting to constantly improve and change things to not just benefit myself, but to benefit you as well. 

If possible could you answer these questions for me please : 

What do you like about my blog?
Anything you would change?
What type of posts do you always like to read on my blog? 
What blog posts would you like to see me write?
Would you be interested if I started a 'Genevieve's Life Blog' Youtube Channel?
Would you watch it?

Also if there is anything you wish to add that isn't included then you can say that as well. Obviously be as nice as possible please :) 

If possible can you leave a comment below or my email address is
or you can tweet me at @genslifeblog

Thank you so much, I really do appreciate it!

Thank you to ALL of you, even if you are a new reader or you have been reading my blog for a while!

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