August 12, 2014

BEING FRIENDS WITH GIRLS: Buying a doughnut from a supermarket, the most dramatic thing on this earth?!


Title says it all really, girls. Being a girl is just the most draining, dramatic and bitchy thing to deal with on a daily basis. Here are tips on how to deal with it: 

1) Prepare yourself for 'DRAMA'.

Bitchyness is just the no.1 thing that happens. so be prepared for it. Don't try and get involved with whatever is going on, leave them to wallow in their own issues. Also, don't try and be the one creating all the drama, if you are the one creating all of it then you won't be very popular. If someone upsets you, grit your teeth and bare it. It is a lot harder than it sounds but it's better to just not say anything. 

2) Competition with each other.

New clothes, new make up, new what ever it is - there will always be competition who has the nicest things. Just ignore it, people like to boast about what they have. Just appreciate what you have and the experience you are having. 

3) One tiny situation which be BLOWN out of proportion.

There is always that one person that will make even buying a doughnut from a supermarket the most dramatic thing on this earth. Just avoid them, they will do anything to seek attention. 

4) If they are annoying you, you can always just go hang out with guys. 

Find some really cool guys mates, so if the girls just REALLY annoy you. Go hang out with them. 

5) Just act like you don't care

If you show that you don't care about any of the drama, then people won't involve you in it. 

Anyone else experienced these things at some point in their life?

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