August 13, 2014


One of the things I would love to do when I grow up is be a Agony Aunt. I find it very hard to talk about how I'm feeling in certain situations, so it's always nice to find someone who you can speak to. A person who won't judge you, listen and maybe help. 

I've always loved to sit and listen to people's problems, big or small and to be able to help them with it. For some reason I just feel a sense of achievement from this. 

I find it very hard to deal with issues sometimes and I am one of those people who always tries and fixes things by myself instead of talking to someone. Don't ever do that, however big or small your problem is. ALWAYS TALK TO SOMEONE. 

Helping people with their problems makes me happy, especially if that person has had help from me and benefited from it in anyway. 

How do you deal with issues, do you talk to someone or try and fix it yourself? do you like helping people with their problems. I love reading your comments so comment below or tweet me at @genevieve_tyler 

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