July 10, 2014

Social Media or Lets brag?

Having a conversation with my friend today, made me think about the world of social media. As much as it is a great tool in order to keep in contact with friends and family, it has also become a place where people in all fairness BRAG.

'Oooooh look at my new car' and 'ooooo look at the new amazing house I just bought'

I understand that these things make people happy and they want to share, but now I feel social media has just become a place for people to brag about their lives instead of a way of just keeping in contact.

Now there are pages like 'rich kids on Instagram' or a Facebook page called 'Private School Snapchats' where the young and wealthy show the world their prestigious lifestyle or education through social media.

Is this necessary? do you agree or disagree? do you think social media has become a 'lets brag' culture?

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