July 24, 2014


I know what you are probably thinking, ANOTHER review on the product. I know I am SO incredibly late to the party on this one. But I was so impressed with this foundation, I just felt I had to do my own review on it!

I saw so much love for this foundation a while back and really wanted to try it! I heard it was good for oily skin, so I thought perfect! I also saw loads of amazing reviews about it, so this week I said 'Yep, today I am buying this foundation'. As the right foundation colour for me, always differs depending on which one it is, I decided to go to the nearest Estee Lauder counter. Because I like to use bronzer, the sales assistant suggested I should get a foundation that matches my skin tone, so I purchased this foundation in the colour 'Ivory Nude'.

I would say this foundation has a medium to high coverage, you don't need to use that much for it to really cover your face. Personally, I use a brush to blend it in and I think it works wonders! At the moment I am using the Real Techniques Buffering Brush, which is a great everyday brush to really get the foundation to sit evenly on your face. Even though this foundation is heavy duty, it gives you a natural finish and is amazing for staying on ALL day! Having oily skin, it is very hard to find a foundation which will stay on all day and not run off my face, so finding this foundation has been a God send! I only really need to apply once and it will keep on. It it absolutely amazing that I still look exactly the same in the evening, even when I have put this foundation on at 7:30am. 

Another great aspect of this foundation is that it dries to your skin really quickly, so it won't transfer on to anything! This has saved me so much trouble, as with all the other foundations I used, I always found foundation marks on my clothes. Since purchasing this one, I have not found one single mark! 

It is also perfect for covering up acne scars and redness, which is something that I suffered from for years and being able to put a foundation on that will do all these things is incredible. It is also great that you can cover up all these things by using the tiniest amount! 

The packaging is lovely, it comes in a little 30ml  bottle with a gold coloured lid. A lot of people much prefer foundations with a pump, but I personally think I prefer this foundation without one, as it is easy to get out of the bottle and you can pop it back in if you feel you have used too much. 

It is priced at £29.50, which is pricey for a foundation but I can honestly say it is SO worth the money. 

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think of it? 

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