July 08, 2014


In my teens, I suffered with quite bad Acne on my face, to the point where I used to hate going out the house, had low self esteem and had to just cake myself with make up in order to cover it up. I am now 20. nearly 21. and I still suffer from it now, but not so bad. I still get spots quite frequently and I still always feel I can't go out without make up on but I can wear not as much as I used to. 

Acne is very common due to changes in hormone levels during puberty, but it can start at any age. I started having Acne when i was 16 years old. It came on quite quickly, to the point where one minute I had great skin and the next day all the Acne was there. 

I felt, what is happening to me? why is it happening to me? I had lovely clear skin and now I don't. At the time I thought, is this normal? but I promise you, to anyone who has it now. IT IS NORMAL. It is very common, being caused when the tiny follicles in your skin, such as hair follicles, become blocked. 

I tried products after products after products, and I didn't realise that Acne was actually partly based on my skin type. I suffer from very oily skin anyway, but I realised I was trying products that were not for oily skin. Looking back on it, I wish I had done stuff differently. I did a really stupid thing and decided to not moisturise my skin, as I thought moisturising it would just make my skin worse. Reflecting back on this now, this should not of been the case, you can get oil- free moisturisers and you SHOULD always moisturise your skin. 

Another thing that you should always do is seek medical advice or go to a pharmacy. I never really went to the doctors about it, as I just thought it would go away on its own. Anyone suffering with it, don't do what I did and not go and see a doctor, because you should or go and see a dermatologist (someone who helps treat problems with skin related problems). I didn't see one either. There are also plenty of alternative medicine options to help deal with Acne, but do what you feel is best for you, but definitely seek advice from professionals. 

Also, Acne can run in families, which means that if your parents had it, you are more likely to have it too.

I am going to be doing a series of blog posts called THE ACNE SERIES, talking about different aspects of it. If any information is scientific based it will be from the NHS (National Health Service) website but I will try and make every post based on my own experiences. 

Have you ever had Acne? how serious was it? are there any things you would of done differently?

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