July 01, 2014


Hello everyone,

So today i'm going to be writing to you about my favourite Lush products. Lush has been my all time favourite brand to use and i thought it would be nice to talk about some of the ones i have been loving.


This one has been my all time favourite, it's really effective and great for problematic skin. It has an oily and creamy texture to it, but don't be put off as these oils from this product actually help to strip the over productive oily substances on your face, leaving it fresh and clean. It is also a very good make up remover, which i completely agree with. The best way to use this product is to 'smooth a generous amount on your face and then wipe it off using a damp flannel or cotton wool pad'. In my opinion, i think using a a cotton wool pad is better, as it can really help you get in to the places that tend to hold the most dirt in your skin.

Lush leave a tip that says 'for people with really problematic skin use nothing but Ultrabland for one month, to bring skin back to balance' - i honestly think everyone should do this, it does work, I tried it! I completely forgot about this cleanser for a while and i have decided to go back to it as i think it is A-MAZING.



This hand cream is great for hands that need a bit of TLC. It is a very thick, butter-rich cream, which 'tackles' hard worked hands. You don't need to use a lot of this cream, as a small amount goes a long way. Just rub on and slowly massage into your hands. It absorbs fairly quickly and leaves your hands feeling soft. 

A top tip which Lush give is 'use any time of day - and before bed at night you can put a thicker coating on when it has extra time to soak in.' Personally, i wouldn't use this in the day as it doesn't completely absorb all at once but is a perfect hand cream to put on before you go to bed as it has time over night to properly work with your hands to make them feel nourished again. 

The smell isn't the best but it definitely does a good job as a hand cream. 



This product smells amazing!! It has Rose Oil for balance and restoring with Argan Oil for repairing,  it is also an antioxidant. Lush say that this product is to used in the shower or bath, applied on wet skin and just rinsed off. Personally, i just rub over dry skin as like a body moisturiser. I love the strong scent it gives off that i just keep it on as like an extra 'perfume' because it leaves your skin smelling great. I always apply to my neck and arms and it works just as well as a perfume. 



If you have really sensitive skin, then this product is definitely worth getting! This light cream, which smooths on really easy, is a great cure for post-shaving soreness; using honey, linseed and oat milk. The oat milk helps to 'cool the skin and reduce inflammation' and i would say it definitely does that. I have had NO problems with shaving since using this cream. A small amount goes a long way too. 

Ambrosia helps avoid soreness, redness and razor rash so is perfect for both men and women. If you are going to festivals or travelling this year, it is perfect for that! It doesn't need to be used with water, just smooth on a good layer then wipe of any excess. 



This toner is one of the first ones i tried, i was suffering from such problematic skin that i wanted to have something that wouldn't make my skin overreact and it definitely works! It's just a gentle tonic for everyday use, it doesn't need to be used as a toner either, if you feel your skin needs hydrating or it is warm weather, spraying this over your face feels lovely! It works really well with the Ultrabland face cleanser too. 

If you want to use this as just a toner though, just simply spray on your face or onto a cotton wool pad to wipe away any impurities and dirt. It contains Lavender water which gently soothes your skin and Rose water which helps retain moisture and evens out skin tone. For someone who is not really confident with Lush or you want to try a a beginner product or you are a young teen, definitely try this one.  



This is one of my all time favourite Lush products! It smells ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I like to use this to wake me up in the morning as the smells just gets me ready for the day. It contains Honey, Rosehip, Lotus flowers and Tiger Lily which all blend well together to create THIS. 

This can also be used on hair as well as your body, which makes the product even better for it's multi-purposes! 


Not so loving Lush Products i have tried...

To be honest, there are always going to be hit and misses in every cosmetics range. I'm not an expert with lush or paid to say these things. These are my honest opinions. I'm sorry if you feel differently about them, but this is what i thought. 


I suffered from really problematic skin! (teen years...) and i wanted to find a decent spot treatment to use. Eventually i came across this one last year and i wasn't really that impressed with it. It comes out in a gel form, but it does blend well into the skin so points for that! However, it just didn't do anything to my spots as quickly as i liked. Maybe my spots were just too stubborn for this product but yeah it just didn't do anything for me until after a few days, i guess i prefer products that just instantly work overnight.



This product is a fun thing to have, this Shower Jelly smells of bubblegum and smells great, but i am just not a massive fan of it's jelly consistency. I would definitely recommend this to the younger, early teenage generation but as I've got older, i just feel I've grown out of this product. 

It contains Cherries and Coconut which gives it a great smell!



This toner has Tea Tree in it which is great for people with oily or spot prone skin. Tea Tree is a wonderful antibacterial and antiseptic ingredient. Personally this product is good, but it isn't amazing. I feel it is good to spritz on your face, but not as a toner. It just doesn't really seem to do a lot for me. I think it's great if you want something to refresh your face though. 

To use 'close your eyes tightly and spritz directly onto your face, or onto a cotton wool pad to wipe away any dirt'


I hope this blog post has helped you decided what kind of things you would like to buy when shopping at Lush. I'm not a Lush expert, i'm just a girl who loves Lush and is giving her opinion on them, so sorry if you have a different one on any of the products mentioned. 

What are your favourite Lush Products? 

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