July 30, 2014

FASHION: My Summer Wardrobe Essentials


So today I thought I would show you My Summer Wardrobe Essentials and what I have been loving wearing this season. I love Summer fashion as it gives you the option to wear colour and as you can see, I love to wear items which a bright and cheerful. Hope this gives you some inspiration if you were looking to go to shopping or wanted to spice up your summer wardrobe. If any of you have done a post like this, let me know. It would be great to get your fashion tips this Summer as I know I would like to fashion shopping soon!

Enjoy :)

The Denim Jacket 

The Plain, Simple Cardigan 
 The Floral Dress 

 The Patterned Dress 

 The Plain Sun Dress 

The Basic Patterned T

 The Floaty Top 

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