July 31, 2014



I thought I might do a '50 facts about me' post today as I thought it would be nice for the people that read my blog, would like to know a bit more about the girl behind the screen.

Other than my name is Genevieve, I live in England and I am 20, nearly 21 on August 19th...

1) I am very small and my height is only 5ft.

2) I've never ever been to Nando's.

3) When I was a baby apparently when I wanted food I used to say 'E-BOC' - ahahahaha.

4) I would rather go pubbing than clubbing.

5) Favourite Colours are Orange and Dark/Pastel Pink and Pastel Green.

6) I LOVE Banoffe Pie and Lemon Drizzle Cake.

7) I used to have two rabbits and I named them Ben and Jerry.

8) I have a notebook where I write down all my blogging ideas. I always like to write lists and plan what I am going to write.

9) Favourite food is Chinese.

10) Sometimes I look at stuff to buy online, put it in the basket, but never actually buy them.

11) The first 'Grown up' film I ever watched was Titanic with my dad.

12) My Favourite films are The Holiday, Father of the Bride and Friends with Benefits.

13) I've never passed my driving test.

14) I failed my driving test twice and then gave up because I just didn't feel I could do it.

15) I can't stand messy people. I just love stuff to be tidy and organised.

16) I write with my right hand but eat with my left hand.

17) I'm studying Journalism at University and just done my first year.

18) I wear a lot of boots.

19) I love a good murder programme. I'm obsessed with them. CSI/NCIS/Miss Marple/Jonathan Creek/ ETC.

20) I can swim, when I was younger I had swimming lessons.

21) I love to read but I am really bad at finishing books. Always start them and take ages to finish them.

22) I am such a Tea snob. I only like PG Tips or Yorkshire Tea.

23) Favourite fruits are Pears and Raspberries.

24) Never broken a bone *TOUCH WOOD*

25) I'm obsessed with anything Floral.

26) If I had to have children when I was older, I would love a boy and a girl.

27) Twins run in my family...

28) I honestly don't care, I would rather be in a onesie than in a fancy going out outfit.

29) I feel the cold easily.

30) I own about 5 pairs of bed socks.

31) During the tour for the university I was looking at to go to, I fell down the stairs in front of everyone.

32) I always set my alarm earlier than when I have to get up just because I don't trust myself to wake up on time.

33) Favourite Cereal is Whetabix.

34) I am terrible with money.

35) My mum made me have such a short hair cut once, I looked like a boy.

36) My feet are size 4.

37) My favourite flower is a Rose

38) I have a fear of rejection.

39) I am really bad at texting back, I just read the text and mentally reply but not actually reply.

40) I've never smoked and I never will smoke EVER.

41) I HATE spicy food.

42) One of the best things I ever did was to start this blog.

43) I would love to be an Agony Aunt for a magazine.

44) Really want to learn how to play the Piano.

45) I really love mornings (I know weird).

46) When I was younger and It was near Halloween, I always used to come home from school and sit infront of the TV and watch the Halloween Movies on Disney Channel with a load of sweets in a Pumpkin Pot.

47) But I hate scary movies.

48) I get scared too easily and people make me jump to easily.

49) I don't really have a favourite type of music. But I don't like Drum and Bass. What's the point in it?

50) I've been to Peru and I got spat on by a Lama.

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post and you know a little bit more about me!

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