June 02, 2014


As it is summer, i thought i should start to stock up on some lovely beauty essentials for the new season. 

As i am a student and i can't exactly spend a fortune *sigh* i decided to buy the boots essential range sun protection. 

I got the Boots Essentials Sun Kids Sun Protection Spray, yes it is for kids but i wanted a suncream that would spray as i don't really like sunblock. It has SPF 30 too and it is also water resistant. It was also £3.99 which is so inexpensive if you just want something that does the job!

and because i got sun spray, i felt i should buy the Boots Essential After Sun Lotion . It's moistourising, easily absorbed and non greasy. What more do you want? and it was £1.99!

My favourite fragrance at this time of year is always the Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' Purfume. It's just got such a lovely floral smell. I've being buying this one for years and i absolutely love it! Prices Vary.

Now on to make up. I've started to really love bright colours, i saw this MUA eye shadow palette and thought the colours were so nice! It was only £4 as well. It's called 'Poptastic'. 

Last but not least, lip wear!

I'm really loving the Carmex Mint Moistorusing Lip Balm. I suffer from quite chapped lips and i find this perfect for solving it, whilst leaving your lips lovely and minty fresh!
It also as SPF 15 in it which is perfect again for this time of year. £2.69 BOOTS


Natural Collection Crimson Moisture Shine Lipstick - Fragrance free ( i can't find the link for it on boots!) but it will be on there somewhere!
MUA 'Peachy Keen' Matte Lipstick
Topshop 'Charmed' Lipstick 
Do you have any beauty summer essentials you can't live without?
or just any beauty items you are loving for the summer?

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