June 16, 2014



Since becoming a beauty blogger, i did not realise how much applying make up with make up brushes does to your skin. Obviously, everyone has their own ways of doing things but it has definitely made my make up go on more evenly and just overall looks a million times better!

When using make up brushes, cleaning them probably is the last thing you want to do, as it seems like the dullest job in the world! (YAWN). However, it is amazing how many people don't clean them and have been using the same brush for months on end!! But, from now on PLEASE WASH THEM. Every time you apply make up to your face, bacteria is going on to the brush you use, which is left there until to wash it. The more times you don't wash it, the more bacteria gets on to the brush with the current bacteria now on your face. Not good people!

Smaller brushes are less of a problem but they still need a good deep clean!

With i tend to suffer with acne.spot prone skin, i always wash my make up brushes at least one a week or maybe twice. I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin by cleaning them regularly. If you have similar skin then i definitely advise it ! 

How i clean my make up brushes :

1) Lie out all of your make up brushes. 

2) put your cleaning solution (of your choice) on to the brush - I use 'I love bubblebath' bath and shower gel Strawberries and Cream.  I like using this one as it leaves my brushes feeling clean, soft and also leaves them smelling nice too! 

3) Swirl it around in the palm of your hand. You can add water to help it lather but with the solution i am using i feel i don't really need to do this. 

4)  Run it under a tap of hot water and see all of the make up disappear down the drain.

5) Repeat if necessary, especially with stubborn dirt or a thick brush. I always repeat this process as i always like to make sure they are thoroughly clean, but it is your decision whether to do this. 

6) Always make sure you are happy before going on to the next brush.

7) Lay your brushes out on a clean flannel (I do this as i know they are touching a clean surface, but it is your choice as to whether to do this or not.) 

The make up brushes i use are Real Techniques. 

Hope this blog post is helpful to some of you :) 

Will you go and wash your brushes now? If you do have some, how often do you wash yours?
Do you find make up brushes are better or worse then applying from your fingers?


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Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!

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