May 25, 2014



I thought i would do a reflective blog post today as this year has been such a big year for me. Moving to university was probably one of the biggest challenges and moves of my life, it was absolutely daunting. By moving to university, it has opened me up to so many new experiences that i have been able to learn a lot of things that i didn't know before. Whilst growing up and maturing a hell of a lot!

I have learnt since turning 20...

1) Do what makes you happy 

When i was younger, i always thought i had to do things in order to fit in with the crowd. This year has made me realise that you don't need to do that. Doing what makes you happy will make you enjoy life more and if people don't like it then well that's their problem. 

2) Hang around with people that bring out the best in you

I have made alot of fake friends in the past. You think that when you are friends with them at the time, that you will be forever and that's not the case. Friends will either stop taking to you, or just generally have a negative impact on your life. You don't realise that it can change you as a person until you hang around with people who bring out the best in you. 


When you are in year 7 and you want to put that little bit more of an effort in, you get labelled a 'GEEK' or when you are in year 11 and people say 'oh you don't really need to revise for your GCSE's'. With any exams, I'll tell you now YES, YES YOU DO. Whether it's exams, coursework, uni deadlines, homework. You do need to work hard, because i guarantee you, it will pay off in the long run. Don't let people stop you. 

4) Don't feel that you need to get a boyfriend or girlfriend ASAP 

It's okay not to rush into a serious relationship. You will find the right person for YOU and it will happen but don't force it to happen. 

5)  People are very judgmental. IGNORE THEM.

People are going to judge you for doing certain things, like the little quirks that make you. YOU. People are going to say 'why are you doing that?' - well just say 'because i want to'. 

6) Dress the way YOU want to dress. 

If you feel good in what you are wearing, then that is the best thing. 


As a teenager i went through a lot of typical things. Horrible friendships, break ups, hormones, moodiness, periods and to be honest, I HATED my teenage years. But now i've turned 20, i have learnt to enjoy life a lot more and by doing this, it has made me happier and if you do it, it will make you happier. 

Whatever age you happen to be, what things have you learnt and experienced from growing up?
do you agree with any of these? 

Let me know by commenting :) i love reading them!

have a lovely evening!



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