May 27, 2014

Reflective Tuesday: Who do i want to become ?

Loads of family have been asking me recently 'So Genevieve, what do you want to do after you graduate?'

The thing is i have no idea. When i was first deciding what i wanted to do with my life, i always knew that i wanted to do Journalism. But by doing this degree, it has made me find out about a lot of different things i did not originally expect.

During my first year, it has been more about settling in and making friends than anything else.
I came to university with the intention of wanting to work in Fashion Journalism. But because there is such a competitive market for it, i could strive for this dream but you never know what is going to happen these days. I have turned to all things beauty and to be a Beauty Guru would be my dream job now. But then again, will that be the case when i graduate after year 3?

Who knows.

I tried to start my own Youtube channel, but it just didn't feel right at this moment. So, i deleted all the videos i did. Not because i didn't enjoy it, but because i want to do it properly and not half-heartedly. You tube is a big organisation and a lot of people make their own videos. I don't want to be the person starting to do something that 10000 people already do. When it gets to the right time and i have an idea for my channel, i may do one but for now starting this blog has been the best decision i ever made. 

It always makes me question to - will people actually watch me? what would i talk about? what equipment would i use? what video editing software would i even use?! I'm so new to all of this !

I haven't been blogging for that long, but the people I've spoken to through it and the other blogs i have seen people produce is wonderful. I'm definitely going to carry on with this, it is always nice to write things and have people comment on them or have an opinion or comment about what you wrote. 

maybe this blog will lead me somewhere, maybe it won't. 

but i am REALLY glad i started it. 

What do you want to do with your life? do you have a dream? who would you like to become? 

I'm going to start doing reflective blog posts every Tuesday and call it 'Reflective Tuesday' toowhat do you think? My aim is to continue to improve my blog :)

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. i truly loved this post.... i can relate to everything you have said, and now I'm considering incorporating a reflective tuesday on my blog too :)
    I want to work in the fashion industry too but like you said it's extremely competitive so once I graduate december who knows what i will get into.... i may just have to bite the bullet and start my own boutique or something of that sort..
    keep the posts coming! :)