May 07, 2014


My life is so busy at the moment with loads of things going on, which means that blogging sometimes gets put at the back of my mind. I absolutely love blogging and I love sharing things with you, but sometimes life just gets in the way and this makes me sad as I can't be consistent as I want to be. 

Blogging isn't just a hobbie, it is a lifestyle. It takes over your life when you start to get more and more viewers. I know that I haven't got very many at the moment, but what if I did? Would I really be able to cope with being consistent with my posts all the time? 

You guys who read my blog, I couldn't be more grateful and I want to be a better person for you when it comes to you reading and viewing my blog. 

Does life get in the way for you?
How do you control your life vs your blogging life?

If there are any tips, I would love to know! I feel I am not being a very good blogger at the moment and I want of improve for you! 





  1. I always think of a million and one things I want to blog about by then I forget. I started writing them down and the list is out of control! I don't think I could post more than once or twice a week which is why I'll probably never build up any loyal readers *sniff*
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  2. hi! i am in the same boat.... love your blog so keep em coming

  3. I think we all have that problem, finding time to fit in blogging can be hard, I find it best to write them on a Sunday and schedule them for the week ahead.

  4. One of my biggest helps for managing my life and blogging is that I dedicate the weekends to blogging and I schedule all of my posts and social media in advance. That way during the week the only thing I have to do is reply to followers, and look for new content. But at least it takes away the stress of having to write a post everyday because its already done!
    Hope this Helps!

  5. Thank you so much for the support everyone, it means alot to me :) and thank you so much for the advice!