May 17, 2014


Being at university has definitely made me way more aware about shopping on a budget, this post isn't just for students but these tips i have learnt will just be useful for anyone who wants to save money on food/drink etc... 

1) The supermarkets own brand products are just as good as branded products 

If you like Baked Beans then getting the supermarkets own branded ones can be so much cheaper and you get more for your money. Also, alot of them taste exactly like the branded products.

24p a jar 

68p a jar 

These are the prices from Asda 

Prices may vary 

You never know, you might surprise yourself ! 

2) Never go shopping when you are hungry

Studies have shown that if you are hungry, you buy more food. So make sure you have eaten well before you go to the supermarket or order online !

3) Always buy stuff you need not stuff you want 

I know this can be hard sometimes but if you go into a supermarket and just get what is on your list you'll save money. 

4) Buy in Bulk 

If you can get stuff in bulk and if you have space for it at your home then do it, you'll have more of a supply for it but it will save you money in the long run.

5)Shop with cash 

Get money out which you are only going to use for your grocery shopping. For example £20, be strict and say 'i am not spending anymore than this' so you have to stick to it, so you will instantly look for the best prices. 

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