April 07, 2014



I never really do many chatty posts so thought i would do one to let you know what i've been up to and what have been my highlights of this weekend! 

- This weekend my cousin and fiancee got married! so of course i got to go to the ceremony, meal and party afterwards. It was a lovely (but LONG) day but it was really nice to be there as i am normally at university. 

- There was a slush puppy, Candy Floss and Popcorn machine at the wedding. IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. 

- I ate far TOO much food in general.

- In the evening, i ended up changing into a different outfit and so did the bride. But, the dress i wore to the wedding she ended up putting on as she didn't bring another dress with her. Don't see that at every wedding do you??

- Also, she left her wedding dress in mine and my sister's hotel room. ahahaha, so bizarre. 

- I also attending a 50th birthday party which was also fun but i was very tired from the wedding so i probably could of enjoyed it more if i had been more awake. 

- I have now reached 89 followers on Blog Lovin! THANK YOU. If you would like to follow me the link is here http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11820023 - i would love to get to 100 soon and my aim to get to 1K by the end of this year. FINGERS CROSSED. Hopefully you guys will love my posts for years to come!

- I went on blogger this morning, i've had 2000 page views! :D Yaaaay, i'm so amazed that you guys want to view my blog. Thank you!

So there is a little update on what i have done this weekend and the highlights of it. 

What have you done this weekend? what were the highlights of yours? 





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