March 16, 2014

Sunday Reflection; What My Year Has Shown On Instagram

Having Instagram is such a great idea, you can upload pictures on to it and they will all appear on once place. One thing I don't do each year, it sit and reflect on what has been amazing about it. Now it is March (a quarter a way through the year!) CRAAZZZY. I am going to upload my best moments according to Instagram for all of you to see from 2014 so far. Enjoy!


I started writing for; they've given me great experience of writing towards deadlines and have my own work published on their website. This is a picture of my first ever article but you can view it here :

Falitzers Journalism Awards evening 2014 - this was an awards evening for my course, even though I wasn't up for anything this year as I've only just started the course it was a great opportunity to get dressed up, have an amazing time, meet some great people and well...just look at the pictures! ;)

I got my first 2:1 ! It was on an essay for one of my modules, I kept getting 2:2's in my assignments so when I got this I was over the moon! :)

My surprise card that my boyfriend sent me on Valentines day. He lives at home and I was at university on Valentines day so it was lovely to receive this. <3

I did my first ever you tube video! ahaha I have to admit I haven't done one since as I have been majorly nervous to do another one and I wouldn't know what to do it on. If you have any ideas or you would like to see me do another one - let me know! you can view my first one here: it's pretty awful quality and I was SO nervous.

I really got into blogging! I've spoken to so many great bloggers and viewed some amazing blogs this year so far. It really is a great community to be in and the people are so lovely!

I feel in love with charity shops! I got these pair of trousers for £3.50! Absolutely bargain, honestly don't fault them because you can find some AMAZING clothes for such little money!

I lost my ID and bank card. - This was my reaction. HA.

I made scones for the first time! I'm on the committee for the 'High Tea Society' at university and we were asked to make some to sell for charity! It was so fun and they are so easy to make. This is the recipe I used:

So, here are some highlights of my year so far!

What have been your best moments of 2014 so far?

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