March 30, 2014

Because i'm HAPPY - Low moods/depression.

In the past, a few years back, I suffered from depression. I never actually got diagnosed with it but it was a horrible thing to go through. You didn't feel like you wanted to talk to anyone, do anything, or have any motivation to do anything.

I was quite lucky and things started to get better for me. I never had to go to see a doctor and I recovered on my own but it always makes me think of the people that just can't and have to go through more extreme methods just to get through it.

I still do have times where I suffer from low moods which can last up to a day, a few days or sometimes a week.

I came across these videos on the NHS website and I absolutely recommend them. They have a whole area called 'Audio Guides to boost your mood' if ever need a lift they are really good to listen to. I listened to some today and they made me instantly feel better.

I've listened to these two and they honestly do make you feel better.

On a more happier note, here is Happy by Pharrell Williams - this song makes me feel so good every time I listen to it!
What have been your experiences?
Have you had any?


  1. I was exactly the same last year. I was never diagnosed with depression, but all the signs were there. It got to the point where I would sit in my room all day mostly sleeping. At school my friends noticed I was withdrawn from my normal activities and at home my parents would get angry at me because I just 'moped around'. I didn't realised I was going through a form of depression until mum came and talked to me about it one day. I got better and went back to being my normal self, but I sometimes get triggered by things such as stress and I go back into that state again. It's not fun at all.
    Thanks for this post, it's great to know that someone else has been through the same as me. I can't wait to watch the videos and bookmark them for when I am feeling down.

    1. awww :) you are welcome, hope this post has helped. It is good to know that people go through the same thing! and it's great to hear your experience of it :) xx