February 07, 2014

What has happened to valentines day?

Valentines day should all be about sending that secret crush a card. When you were younger, a name use to replaced by a ? so they wouldn't find out who it was. Now it has become a worldwide holiday, everyone in love feels the need to celebrate this day as they are a couple. This day should be kept for the secret love, people who are in love can show there love for each other any day of the year. The Valentines day original tradition has gone and it's a shame.

Valentines day has turned into a massive money making scheme with the 'best presents for valentines day ideas', shops having window displays for the one day and having a theme of red and white. Love is a scared thing and this day should be kept for the people that do love someone but have trouble being able to tell them. Anniversaries are lovely for couples who have been together a while, as it celebrates there time together, but the 14th February has been to lead to believe that everyone in love has to celebrate this day.

I don't think that is the case, if you already know you love each other, you can celebrate this occasion any other time of the year, without having the pressure of a national holiday to fall around you.

what do you think?

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