February 17, 2014

Motivational Monday 1#

Hello and good morning lovelies!

Today is Monday again! Yayyy (yaaaawn) 
I know we would rather be tucked up in bed, but the new week has started and we're having to go to school/university/work/be a parent/ or (whatever you may be doing this day!) But remember to do it with a smile :) 

Today, I have got university. I'm doing a BA Hons Degree in Journalism. Well you might think - why on earth did she pick that? I've always wanted to be in this profession ever since I was younger. I've constantly bought girls magazines after magazines, until one day I thought 'I'd like to work for them' and bam! Here I am :) for anyone who is thinking of taking a journalism degree, do it! It's amazing and I am having the BEST time :) 

Second good thing about this week is that my sister is visiting! Yaaaay :) her name is Fabienne and she is literally my best friend. I love her to bits. She is going to go to university next year to study acting, so she is coming to visit as she has an audition here too. But still, can't wait to see her! 

What is great about your Monday? 

I'm on the right and my sister is on the left! :) 

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