February 28, 2014

Expect The Unexpected

Hello everyone,

I decided to set my self a four day blogger challenge with 'what's in my make up bag?' I still will do that but thought that I would write a more thoughtful blog post today.

Of course I set my self this challenge with the intention of doing it, but sometimes life gets in the way. This week has definitely taught me this, that you should expect the unexpected and that everything you plan to do, doesn't always go that way.

Today, I was planning on doing my second post of 'what's in my make up bag?' but last night unfortunately my debit card and Identification were both taken, so I have been spending the day sorting it all out, which of course took me away from writing a lovely blog post for you guys.

Very sorry to all the viewers and readers who were looking forward to seeing it, however I will be doing the second one as soon as possible.

However, I thought a thoughtful/reflective one would be good for today, as I have had to challenge myself under circumstances, when you out of your comfort zone and dealing with having no money was one of them. Finally, I got it sorted and yes, problems can be fixed. REMEMBER THAT.

what unexpected things have happened to you?


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